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Name:   Tirumani Rajesh

Age:  14


Gender: Male


Birthday: July 20, 1999    


Study:  10th Standard




This family is Agnikula Kshatriya, they are poor. Rajesh has two older sisters and one younger sister. They make their living with casual daily labor; he is able to send the son to orphanage, because Grace Children’s orphanage promised them to educate the child, meeting all the expenses including accommodation. Religion: the family is Christian. We provide instruction every Sunday as they come to worship the Lord. Prior to Christianity, they are strong pagans, worshiping all kinds of gods, mostly statutes made out of stones, and offer sacrifices.  


Biography: This boy is a brave and smart guy as we look at his academic progress he is forward in his studies. He plays and participates in all sports and cultural activities, his hobbies are reading playing cricket and watching TV. He is an obedient child. Respects teachers and elders and loves his parents.


Environment: He hails from very tropical typical village called Yenuguvani Lanka we call it Lanka, because it is surrounded by water, canals, ponds and Rivers. The village is uneducated but now people would like to study. There is awareness for development and coconut groves all along. Their social culture is different from cities. Their language is Telugu. All people live on daily labor, which is seasonal.


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